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Why choose us ?

1. Support your local farmers

We believe our local farmers produce the best quality produce in the land, and we want you to benefit from it. Buying your fresh produce from Local Farm Box means that you will be actively supporting your local farming community and contributing to the local economy. Support your local farmers!

2. Save money

Buying your fresh fruit and vegetables from us will save you money. We will always aim to offer like-for-like produce at a cheaper price than the supermarkets, and once more you know you will be buying fresh local produce. 

3. Eat More Healthily

Having fresh produce delivered to your home on a set frequency is essential to obtaining the recommended 5+ daily servings of fruits and vegetables.

4. Nutrition

Supermarket produce is often over a week old, losing more nutritional value each day after harvest. Our produce is picked daily from our local farmers’ fields, whereby it is collected by us before being delivered to your home.

5. Environmental

Although admittedly difficult to quantify, we are very confident that purchasing Local Farm Box produce will have far less environmental impact than buying from a supermarket. Our seasonal produce is grown locally to you, we do not use unnecessary packaging, we encourage the re-use of our boxes, and compared to the supermarkets our transport mileage is negligible.


6. No Commitment Required

Local Farm Box requires no long-term commitment and allows you to cancel or suspend deliveries at any time.

6 Variety and Selection

We are able to choose varieties from our local farmers that are grown for flavour and are suitable for the local growing conditions, rather than for ease of handling or cosmetic perfection.

7. Convenience

Take away the hassle of driving and parking up at the supermarket in order to get your fresh produce. Shop via this website, we will deliver to your doorstep. Jobs a goodun!