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Our Christmas Bits


4 Christmas Slices -

The delicious Christmas Slab 4 pack of iced, rich fruit slab cake is the sweet and decadent holiday treat, crafted by Country Cottage. This rich and juicy cake is made with sultanas, cherries, currants, apricot jam, cinnamon, and honey, for an incredible fruit cake that is topped with a layer of marzipan & sugar icing.

After Eight Slice

A festive twist on the millionaires shortbread - flavoured with mint instead of caramel; only available during the Christmas holiday.

Clawson Blue Stilton Reserve 220g

Stilton becomes milder and mellows with age, so this Mature Stilton makes a perfect introduction blue cheese. It is matured for longer and is soft, rich and creamy but still has that distinctive blue cheese tang. It is made in Leicestershire using local cows’ milk and is protected by a PDO. In fact, Long Clawson is one of only six dairies in the world licensed to make Blue Stilton. This Mature Blue Stilton is perfect on salted buttery crackers with a glass of Shiraz.

Festive Fondant

A Christmas treat, under the rich fondant lies a fluffy sponge, with a cream filling - just don't think about the naughtiness; simply enjoy the indulgent taste!

Fine Cheese Company Onion Chutney 260g

Dark, sticky and rich. Serve with hard cheeses such as Comté, Cheddar and Cantal.

Giant Rum Truffle

This festive offering is possibly enough to share...or for one to induldge. It is quite rich, with a firm centre - really ticks the box for a sweet treat at Christmas. Only avialble for the festive season.

Gingerbread Christmas Tree

A good old classic with a festive twist...

Gorgonzola Al Cucchiaio 250g

If one blue cheese represents hedonistic indulgence,  it must be Gorgonzola al Cucchiaio. It is finger-lickingly soft, delicious and creamy,  with a characteristic ‘winey tang’. Selected by the Arrigoni family from a dairy just outside the city of Gorgonzola, its gloriously soft paste and gentle sweet flavour won’t disappoint.

Exceptionally rich, sweet and creamy, this Gorgonzola is so soft it can only be served with a spoon.

Hello Ewe

"Hello Ewe" is made by husband and wife team, Tim Homewood and Angela Morris.

Tim and Angela use a Halloumi recipe to make this cheese. Once the curd has been set, cut, moulded, pressed and turned, it is then added back to the whey which has already been boiled and skimmed (ricotta is formed as a by product of the skimming). The cheese is scalded in the hot whey until it rises to the surface, letting Tim know that it is ready.
This Somerset cheese is a truly hand-made product, and is a million miles away from the mass-produced Halloumi that are more readily available.

Jammy Dodger Star

The time of year, when treats are acceptable at anytime of the day; this shortbread oozes with gooey jam and tastes as sinful and it looks, with reminiscences of old fashioned yumminess!

Le Camembert 250g

The perfect cheese for baking, this French camembert is ideal for sharing or enjoyed between two.

Little Rollright - 250g

Made by David Jowett, from the organic milk of Manor Farm, Chedworth, 800 feet up in the Cotswolds. David uses the milk of this mixed herd of British Friesians and Dairy Shorthorns to produce his stunning cheese. Wrapped in spruce bands, the cheeses ripen to glorious maturity. When ready, the paste is glossy, rich and voluptuous, and the taste is buttery, complex and resinous.

Mozzarella di Bufala DOP - 125g

When a cheese is eaten as freshly and as simply as mozzarella, it has to be perfect.
Our sourced mozzarella is made from 100% buffalo milk to provide a silky, soft texture and a delicate creaminess.

Imported by us directly from Campania every two weeks, these stretched curd cheeses from La Baronia embody the purity and goodness of buffalo milk. It is this fertile pasture, rich in wetland species, that gives the milk its delicate taste and unique aroma.

The Merry Wyfe - 350g

Curds from the renowned Wyfe of Bath are pressed, and then washed in cider produced by Graham Padfield on the farm. A thin orange rind develops, imparting a slightly meaty, yet fruity, flavour. Aptly named after Shakespeare’s comedy, The Merry Wives of Windsor. Who wouldn’t be merry after a cider bath?


Tunworth Cheese - 250g

A pasteurised English camembert-style cheese, with the thinnest rind and a fruity tang.

Tunworth has the thinnest possible rind, an undulating surface, and a profoundly fruity tang - enough to convince a Frenchman that this was made on his terroir.

The cheese's maker, Stacey Hedges, started making cheese in 2004. After visiting traditional Camembert producers in Normandy, she began on her recipe to produce this cheese. Using local milk, Tunworth was created.

In 2006, Tunworth, the closest cheese this country has produced to a Camembert, became Supreme Champion at the British Cheese Awards; a feat that was repeated in 2013.

Christmas Trees - Nordman Fir - 6ft - 7ft tall

This super star punches well above its weight in the Christmas tree category, classed as non-drop tree, this Nordman Fir has is a  wider shaped tree with soft, glossy, dark green needles which it retains well.

If looked after, given a good drink & kept away from radiators, it should last pretty much all the way through the festive period.

Click and collect preferred & social distancing will be adhered to.

Trees will be in stock from 1st December - but please feel free to pre-order, specifyng collection date in the special requests box, at check out.

Collection is preferred but if delivery is required, please call to arrange!


Turkey Breast - 2kg of boned and rolled succulence...

This turkey is butterfly boned and rolled and weighs a very convienient 2kgs - we have managed to secure this price until the end of September so ideal to buy early and freeze for Christmas? 

It should happily feed 8 hungry mouths; just think of all those 'afters'... turkey curry, yummy sandwiches with pickles and cranberries, pies; the list is endless....

Turkey Crown - Boned & Rolled average weight 5kg +/-

For those catering for a crowd, needing space in the oven, or simply prefer the white meat of the bird, then the traditional turkey crown could be the festive feast for you.
Our free-range Bronze turkeys are fed a totally natural diet, free of artificial additives and chemicals just straightforward cereals, grass, nettles, fodder beet and cider apples. These traditional Bronze Free Range Turkeys live free-range life, living significantly longer than most other free-range and organic birds.

This beaut should feed approximately 15 people

Our Christmas Indulge Box

Need to say thank you or want to send someone a special gift?

Our indulge box is just the thing...

If you want to change any bits or want gluten free items, please do give us a call to discuss.

Our Christmas Meat Hamper for 6-10 people

Make Christmas planning even easier with our meat hampers, all prepared and delivered to your door - please order by the 30th November for a Christmas week delivery.

Don't forget to add our fab Chistmas veg box too and take the stress out of Christmas shopping and helping to keep it local too!

2kg Boneless Turkey Breast Joint 
1kg Prime hand selected Topside of British Beef
1kg Boneless Loin of Pork
1kg Boneless Gammon Joint
10 Pigs in Blankets

Brussel Sprouts - 500g

Christmas is nearly here so sprouts have now landed @ LFB HQ!

Although, not just for Christmas, these mini cabbages have a nutty, distinct flavour and are a perfect accompaniment to meat dishes.

Christmas Veg Box - 2-4 people

This box is brimming with traditional varierty and oozing with both freshness and flavour...

1 Savoy
1 Brussel Sprout Stalk
2kg Red Rooster Potatoes/Marfona/Maris Piper - please specify choice in the special request box
1kg Parsnips
500g Carrots
1 Bunch of Heritage Mixed Carrots
1 Swede
1 Cauliflower
1kg Leeks
500g Mid Potatoes
800g-1kg Broccoli
500g Onions
2 Sweet Potatoes
1 Garlic Bulb
1 Red Cabbage
1 Punnet of Cranberries

Christmas Veg Box - 6-8 people

For the larger family, this box should have it all - bursting with colour, flavour and goodness...

1 Savoy
1 Brussel Sprout Stalk
4kg Red Rooster Potatoes/Marfona/Maris Piper - please specify choice in the special request box
2kg Parsnips
1kg Carrots
2 Bunch of Heritage Mixed Carrots
2 Swede
2 Cauliflower
2kg Leeks
1kg Mid Potatoes
1.5kg Broccoli
1kg Onions
4 Sweet Potatoes
2 Garlic Bulb
1 Red Cabbage
1 Punnet of Cranberries

Oranges - Satsumas - 500g

The fruit of the satsuma is sweet and usually seedless, about the size of other mandarin oranges, smaller than an orange.

Sprout Stalk - Locally grown in Braunton

These little beauts are as local as it gets, grown here in Braunton.

What does the stalk do? Well, the stalk provides a source of post-harvest nutrients for the sprouts, allowing the Brussels sprouts to retain their livelihood and moisture longer.

Did you know you can eat the stalk too?

The Brussels sprouts stalk is edible, but requires longer cooking to generate favorable flavor and texture, the sprout tops are like a little sprouty cabbage!

Blakewell's Cold Smoked Salmon - 100g

Blakewell's are now supplying us with their fabulous smoked salmon. The salmon makes it way down from North West Scottish highland coast and is supplied by Wester Ross. The salmon, heralding from the Atlantic and of the highest quality, has been hand reared in the rugged western Highlands, since 1977 and it represents the best of umami flavours of the Scottish Highlands.

Blakewell's Whiskey Cured Smoked Salmon - 100g

Especially for Christmas - this new creation oozes flavour and, with the distinct hint of whiskey, weaved delicately through the delectably cured smoked salmon - this one is a sure winner for your family's Christmas feast!

Blakewell's Wicked Wolf Gin Cured Smoked Salmon - 100g

Blakewell have cleverly created this delectable combination of flavours to cure their already fabulously smoked salmon. The salmon originated from Wester Ross salmon, caught in Atlantic ocean and the salmon of the highest quality. Hand reared in the rugged north-western Highlands since 1977, it represents the best of umami flavours of the Scottish Highlands.

Cooked & Peeled Chestnuts - 400g

Our Whole Chestnuts have been cooked, peeled and sealed in this pouch to capture their naturally sweet, nutty flavour. They're wonderfully easy to use - mix them straight into stuffings and stews, whizz them into soups, or stir them into cake mixes to add some extra texture.

Packaged in a protective atmosphere

Get creative, for a festive treat: roughly chop the chestnuts and fry with some smoky pancetta pieces and Brussels sprouts. Toss with a little butter and serve.

Wrecking Coast Honey Sloe Gin - Cured Hot Smoked Salmon

Blakewell's have crossed the boarder & partnered with a special cure, using the infamous and superior quality of the  'Wrecking Coast Cornish Gin', from Tintagel.
Us Devonians & Cornish do come together once in a watery moon. There seems to be couple of things that both have in common, fine produce and true taste - so get eating this beauty me 'andsome!

Mince Pies - 6

Our favourite time of year...melt-in-the-mouth fruity mince pies, beautifully delivered in a Christmas box - a lovely treat or just to gobble up at home!

Christmas Chocolate Log - 10 inch - Only available for delivery from December onwards

A traditional, iconic and festive cake for those who love chocolate. This cake can be served with a simple dusting of icing sugar or decorated with a few chocolate curls.

Delicious !

Christmas Slab Cake

This 14.5cm, Iced Rich Fruit Slab Cake is the sweet and decadent holiday treat, crafted by Country Cottage. This rich and juicy cake is made with sultanas, cherries, currants, apricot jam, cinnamon, and honey, for an incredible fruit cake that is topped with a layer of sugar icing.

Devon Clotted Cream with Brandy - 170g

Brandy is added to Devon's Clotted Cream range to give the ultimate in Christmas indulgence. Perfect dolloped on mince pies or Christmas pudding - this little beauty is also super handy as a super long date - approx 10 months, as long as it is kept in the fridge please!

Devon Cream Company Long Life Clotted Cream 170g

This clotted cream is silky smooth, indulgently creamy, and deliciously thick.

Langage Fresh Clotted Cream - 113g

Keeping it local - Langage Farm, from Plymouth, have been making clotted cream for over 50 years, from their herd of Channel Island cows. It has an amazingly smooth texture and nutty flavour and don't forget that luscious, thick, golden crust, baked to perfection!

Boxing Day Chutney (320g)

Boxing Day Chutney (320g)

Christmas Jam (340g)

Christmas Jam

Cranberry Jelly (227g)

Cranberry Jelly - 227g. 71g/100g fruit. The traditional Christmas jelly, it has a high concentration of fruit for that sharp, tangy, flavour.

Waterhouse Fayre - Cranberry Sauce with Orange Port

Cranberry Sauce with Orange & Port.  Cranberry and orange (3% Port). A luxurious sauce.

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