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Best in August and September, though can be sourced in the UK all the year round because of the use of polytunnels.The aubergine (also known as Egg Plant in other parts of the world) is a member of the nightshade family, along with potatoes, peppers and tomatoes. Aubergines are thought to have been first cultivated in India and China from the 5th century, although they are perhaps most famous in Italian and Greek cooking. Roasting, griddling and frying (with a good batter to reduce the amount of oil absorbed) are all suitable cooking methods.


Aubergines are a good source of fibre and folic acid. The colour of the skin is a result of the presence of anthocyanins - compounds with antioxidant properties.


Store your aubergine in the salad compartment of the fridge. That way they'll keep for up to a week. Aubergines do not freeze well.


Local North Devon producers whenever possible, though on occasion will also use Bristol Markets and EU-derived (land-freight) sources in order to meet demand.