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Bobbie's Chocolate Tart

These fabulous additions are all carefully handmade to perfection. We can't get over how beautiful they look & taste; perfect for a special treat!

Bobbie's Chocolate Flapjack

This medley of butter, demerara sugar, golden syrup, oats & chocolate make a really special treat - this little beaut also has a few luxurious additions to tickle those taste buds...

Bobbie's Chicken Pie

A fabulously creamy chicken pie - just what you need to warm you up & fill you up!

Bobbie's Caramel Slice

A thick and creamy caramel wedged in between golden pastry and cold chocolate - yummy goodness in a square. The question is ... is one enough?

Bobbie's Brownie

These are to die for; indulgent chocolate brownies from our new secret weapon. This recipe combines rich cocoa powder with chocolate chips to create a fudge brownie you won't want to share!

Bobbie's Brisket Beef & Vegetable Pie

A glorious beef brisket & vegetable pie - just the ticket for a picnic, packed lunch or a satisfying quick meal.

Bobbie's Bakes - Chocolate Flake Cake - x 1

A new entry from Bobbie's Bakes... we've had a sample and it certainly hits the spot - beautifully made and a sublime, velvety texture. These are most certainly not just for the children!

Bobbie's Bacon & Cheese Turnover

Simple, yet outrageously delicious. Because really, who can turn down cheesy bacon pastry?! Certainly not us, clearly.


Battenburg - available Tuesday - Saturday

Bakewell tart - 2 pack

A classic; the question is..is one enough - hence 2 in a pack, just in case...

Artisan Spelt & Honey - 300g

The honey works with the sourdough to create a high-rising loaf, and complements the natural sweetness of the spelt flour — making this a perfect bread for toast.

Artisan Sourdough - 400g

With just a few ingredients, creating quite the magical loaf of sourdough. It's wonderfully tangy, with a crisp crust making it perfect for poached eggs.

Artisan Multi Seed Bloomer

Lovely seedy little number with the feel good factor...

Artisan Gluten Free White Rolls - 4

Who says we can’t have the softest gluten free rolls ever? Not me…anymore!! 

Artisan Gluten Free Teacakes - 2 pack

Delicious and light, these fruity buns are a real treat, served hot with butter for a perfect breakfast, afternoon tea or a supper time snack!

Artisan Gluten Free Brownie - x 1

This rich, fudgy chocolate brownie is gluten free. Serve with a scoop of vanilla ice cream for dessert, or leave to cool before storing in an airtight container for an afternoon treat; is one enough?

Artisan Gluten Free Bread - small

A gluten free bread that isn’t as heavy as a brick or crumbles to dust as soon as you go near it!!

Artisan Cheese & Onion Bread - 300g

Readily available & delicious warmed up...

Apple Pie - 8"

Moving into autumn and getting excited about roast dinners again ...realised that we were missing a delicious apple pie - so here it is! Freshly made to order; hot or cold - nothing beats the wafting smell of baked apples and sugary sweetness on a cold autumn day.

Apple Danish

The pastry parcels can be enjoyed warm or cold, as dessert, or as an anytime-of-the-day treat.

Angel Cake

Angel cake has always been a firm favourite with my family. The nostalgic feeling one gets when you see the pink, yellow and white layers sandwiched together with buttercream - pure deliciousness & my boys will often gobble it up in one quick sitting!

Almond Slices (Pack of 4)

Almond Slices Pack of 4 - available Tuesday - Saturday