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Boom Kitchen Ayubowan - Sri Lankan

Boom Kitchen Ayubowan - Sri Lankan

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Our price:

Your Ayubowan Sri Lankan curry recipe kit will serve 2-3 people and includes:

  • Boom Sri Lankan Spice Mix - a blend of 12 freshly ground spices
  • Boom Coconut - S02 free
  • Boom Whole Spices - curry leaves, cloves, cinnamon, cardamom and cheeky finger chillies
  • Shopping list - for the fresh bits you need at home 
  • Easy peasy cooking instructions - with pictures!  

Check the tabs below our reviews for more info on the shopping list and nutritional and allergy advice. 

And because it's Boom...

...it's packed to the rafters with building blocks of curry flavour and nothing else:

  • all natural
  • no additives or preservatives
  • gluten free
  • no added sugar or salt (add as per instructions or to taste)
  • vegetarian and vegan friendly
  • free from anti-caking agents (nasty stuff that the big boys use to aid mass processing)
  • free from sulphates e.g. sulphur dioxide (SO2) and E220 
  • free from oil - you add this at home so can choose to go organic, cold pressed, high smoke point etc.