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Boom Kitchen - Bhuna

Boom Kitchen - Bhuna

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Bhuna - Gluten free, all natural ingredients, serves 2. The aromatic magic carpet ride starts the moment you chuck the whole spices into the pan. Warming cinnamon and cloves are woven with smoky black cardamom and fresh flavours from your pantry, all on a bouncy underlay of kashmiri chilli. All natural ingredients and gluten free. Each curry kit contains Boom Base™ for a true restaurant flavour, made in Devon from over 20 natural ingredients, Boom spice mix with over 12 hand blended spices, Boom whole spice and instructions. Cook & prep in 25 mins, you will need...glug of veg oil, 2 large chicken breasts, a small onion, half green pepper, a tomato, 2 garlic cloves, a squeeze of tomato puree, a bit of sugar & salt, a small handful of fresh coriander (optional) and something to serve it with e.g. naan, rice, chapatti  


Boom Kitchen, Braunton, Devon