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Boom Kitchen - Korma

Boom Kitchen - Korma

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Korma - Gluten free, all natural ingredients, serves 2. The Jennifer Aniston of curries. Distinctly mild but undeniably tasty. Mellow spices combine with sweet coconut, almonds and cream (or natural yogurt if you're watching your waist line). Romcom flavours in a velvety smooth sauce. Each curry kit contains Boom Base™ for a true restaurant flavour, made in Devon from over 20 natural ingredients, Boom spice mix with over 12 hand blended spices, Boom whole spices, Ground coconut and flaked almonds for that all important finishing touch and instructions. Cook & prep in 20 mins, you will need...glug of veg oil, 2 large chicken breasts, garlic clove, 100ml single cream (or natural yogurt) a bit of sugar & salt, a small handful of fresh coriander (optional) and something to serve it with e.g. naan, 


Boom Kitchen, Braunton, Devon