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Lettuce Cos

Lettuce Cos

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"Cos, or romaine lettuces as they are also known, have a long, oval head of tightly packed crisp leaves. Cos is so called as it is thought it originated on the Greek Island of the same name (Kos). The name lettuce is derived from the Latin word ""Latucca,"" which refers to the vegetable’s milky juice and it is believed that the Romans introduced it to Britain. The lettuce we see today actually started out as a weed around the Mediterranean basin.They are the perfect and traditional base for Caesar salads."


About one cereal bowl of lettuce counts as one of the five recommended daily servings of fruit and vegetables. If you include a variety of different leaves you’ll maximise the nutritional benefits. The nutrient content of salad leaves differs according to variety, but most provide vitamin C, beta carotene (which the body uses to make vitamin A), iron, calcium, folate, fibre and potassium. Antioxidants such as vitamin C and betacarotene are particularly useful in destroying free radicals – rogue cells which can cause an array of health problems from cancer to heart disease.


Store in the salad compartment of the fridge for a few days.


Most of the veg is sourced as locally as possible, due to seasonal restrictions and availability and from South West Markets and producers.