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Delivering to North Devon

Local Farm Box source fresh produce direct from farms and growers local to our region. Each week we select the best fresh vegetables, fruits, salads and meats for our boxes, which we hope will suit any household. Please note that box contents will change on a weekly basis depending on seasonal availability.

You can also go completely freestyle and choose exactly what you'd like in your box by picking from our vast produce range... to be found in the Farmshop section of the site.

Our Local Farmboxes


Washed Potatoes - 25kg

25kg Washed Potatoes - locally sourced

The Indulge Box

Back by popular demand...

Our 'indulge' box will give you a day of luxurious treats that would make the perfect gift to send as a 'thank you', or just to say 'I'm thinking of you' or go ahead & spoil yourself!

Maybe you'd like to add your own fillet steak, chicken or Jersey Royal Potatoes ...?



Seasonal Box (family)

1kg Baby potatoes,
3kg Braunton Potatoes  
1 Braunton Cauliflower,
1kg Onions, 
1kg Carrots,
0.5kg Loose beetroot, 
250g Kale
4 Braunton Parsnips
1 Braunton Swede
1 Braunton Red Cabbage
1 Butternut Squash
1 Sprout Stalk
2 Leeks

Seasonal Box

0.5kg Baby potatoes,
2kg Braunton Potatoes  
1 Braunton Cauliflower,
500g Onions, 
500g Carrots,
0.5kg Loose beetroot, 
250g Kale
2 Braunton Parsnips
1 Braunton Swede
2 Leeks
1 Braunton Red Cabbage
1 sprout stalk

Salad Box

500g Mids potatoes,
1 Celery,
1 Cucumber,
3 Avocado - Ready to Eat
3 Red Onions
2 Loose Beetroot,
1kg Tomatoes,
1 Local flat lettuce,
1 Baby leaf mix punnet,
1 Bunch of Spring Onions,
1 Bunch of Radishes,
3 Mixed Peppers
1 punnet of cherry tomato


Potatoes - Maris Piper - 25kg

25 kg Potatoes - Maris Bard & locally sourced as well!

Potatoes - Marfona or Similar 25kg
25 kg Potatoes - Marfona or similar & locally sourced as well!
Potatoes - 10kg

10 Kg bag of potatoes - locally sourced

Pork Loin Roasting Box - family size

Need a bit more?

We've also added some Bramley's to make your own apple sauce!

Pork Loin Roasting Box - 2 person

We love a bit of crackling here @ LFB - what's your secrect for success?

Mix Veg Box (Family)

3kg Potatoes,
6 x 8oz Jacket potatoes,
1 Swede,
1 Butternut Squash,
1 Savoy or Spring Greens
1 Cauliflower,
1kg Onions,
1kg Carrots,
1kg Loose beetroot,
1 Red cabbage, 
0.5kg Mushrooms,
3 Parsnips
4 Leeks
1 Sprout Stalk

Mix Veg Box

2kg Potatoes,
4 x 8oz Jacket potatoes,
1 Savoy or Spring Greens
1 Cauliflower,
1 Swede,
1 Butternut Squash,
1kg Onions,
1 Bunch of carrots,
1 Bunch of beetroot,
1 Red cabbage,
0.25kg Mushrooms,
2 Parsnips
2 Leeks
1 Sprout Stalk

LFB's Five Nighter for 4

Our fabulous Five Nighter has arrived - five nights of delicious nutritious and easy evening meals for four people, to make your life just that little bit easier; we've included a pudding option too!

Five Night Menu, along with your recipe card, includes:

  • Roast chicken, cauliflower cheese, jacket potatoes with roasted plums for pud

  • Leek Risotto with our custard tarts for pud

  • Sausages & Mash with onion gravy & greens with baked banana pudding option

  • Spaghetti Bolognese with Rhubarb Fool for afters

  • ​​​​​​​Broccoli, Cherry Tomato and Feta Rigatoni with a yummy treat or bakery item desert

LFB's Five Nighter for 2...

You've all asked & it's here, the 5 Nighter for 2 people and believe us - it's a goodie!

Recipe Card included:

  •  Chilli sausages with sweet potato mash and cavolo nero

  • Orzo with chorizo, red pepper and cherry tomatoes

  • Gammon steaks, jacket potato and cauliflower cheese

  • Chicken in mushroom sauce with parmentier potatoes and green beans

  • Leek, bacon and fennel spaghetti

Juicing Box

1.5kg Raw Beetroot,
1kg Carrots,
0.25kg Ginger,
2kg Mixed Apples,
2 Ruby Grapefruit,
2 Lemons,
2 Limes,
15 Juicing Oranges,
1 Celery

Jacket Potatoes

A baked potato, or jacket potato, is a potato that has been baked for eating.


It's here ... 5 Nighter Veggie Meals for 2

Well, we certainly enjoyed trialling these scrummy recipes - it's also so easy just double up for a family of 4 too, just give us a call & we'll tweak it for you.

Menu for 2, including a recipe card:

  • Mushroom stroganoff,

  • Butternut Squash & Sage Risotto,

  • Green Shakshuka,

  • Roasted Red Peppers with Orzo,

  • Aubergine & Sweet Potato Tagine.

All picked and packed and delivered to your door...

Ilfracombe Food Bank Box

Everyone needs a bit of help during hard times, I know that we do and we have received help from so many areas, ensuring that we can continue to put on the best service, and deliver continuously to you lovely lot. We have made a few deliveries to our local food bank in Ilfracombe and thought that it might be a good idea to offer the service to you all. All you need to do is select the box, check out and we'll do the rest!

Health Kick Box

Well...it's all just a bit cold and grey out there isn't?

At LFB HQ, we thought that we'd could colour up your fridge.

Fancy a delicious box full of healthy and colourful produce - we are doing a special 'Health Kick' veg box to tickle your taste buds; packed with colour, bursting will vitamins & exploding with goodness - even a few little surprise treats in there too.

Fruit for the Office Box

The fruit box will be delivered to your work at an agreed time. We are happy to deliver the box to your kitchen, your department, or particular building. We can deliver daily, weekly... whatever suits you! Contact us on 01271 869191 if you need to discuss your requirement.



Fruit Box

1kg Mixed apples,
1kg Packham Pears,
1kg Bananas,
4 Oranges,
2 Kiwi,
1 Lemon,
250g Grapes,
6 Satsumas
2 punnet of  Blueberries

Fruit & Veg Box - for 1

4 Jacket potatoes,
2kg Main crop potatoes
1 Savoy or Spring Greens
0.5kg Onions,
1kg Carrot,
0.25kg Tomatoes,
1 Loose Beetroot
4 Mixed apples,
4 Pears,
4 Satsumas or 6 plums,
4 Bananas

Combe Martin Wildlife Park Donation Boxes

Combe Martin Wildlife Park donations.
There are a variety of priced boxes, starting at £15, and we'll also deliver the box straight to to the park for you.


Chicken Roasting Box - family size

House full, need a feed a hoard? 

This whopper is just the ticket...

Chicken Roasting Box - 2 person

A firm favourite in our house - we love the smell of roast chicken in the oven...yummmmm

Beef Roasting Box - family size

An upgrade on our standard beef box, we've added this 2kg beauty and increased the veg quanities...easily enough for your hungry tribe!

Beef Roasting Box - 2 person

Autumn is kicking in so, of course, it's Sunday roast time...

Around The World with LFB - The Italian Job...

Dining in is so much better than eating out these days and The Italian Job has landed just in time for us to make use of seasonal treats. Fancy one of our favourites - melting Aubergine Parmigiana, with a zingy tomato sauce & goo-ey cheese, topped with fragrant basil, and Bread and Butter Pudding? It truly is a divine combination - all ingredients provided (with exception of essential store cupboard items) with an easy to use, step by step recipe card. 

Around the world - The French Box

Start the journey and treat yourself to our tantalising French Box, with all the ingredients and recipes for an early winter menu.

Stay in and dine on this yummy, gastro, home cooked menu:

Roast Tarragon Chicken with pommes dauphinoise, green beans with a Tarte Tatin for pudding and a cheese course of camembert & biscuits.

A recipe card is included so all you will need is a nice chilled drink of your choice....